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Reservations from April 1st - September 30th

$75 Rental Fee

$200 Security Deposit (check & cash deposit accepted)

The Harrisville City Park Bowery is ONLY available to Harrisville City residents.

Proof of residency MUST be shown at the time of deposit payment.

(Drivers license or utility bill with picture ID).

Harrisville City Park Bowery is located at

1350 N Hwy 89

Harrisville, UT 84404

The reservationist agrees to the conditions and terms during the reservation process and will be held responsible for any violation occurred. Failure to comply will result in reservation cost/deposit forfeiture.


The park will be cleaned on a periodic schedule. However, the City cannot guarantee the cleanliness of the facility at the time your reservation, due to it being a public park.


Harrisville City Office hours are Monday – Thursday 8 AM to 5 PM and Friday 8 AM to Noon excluding holidays. Please contact the city for key pick up/deposit drop-off at least a day prior to reservation date. When reservation is around a holiday, check with city for hours of availability to obtain key/signage.


Thank you for being considerate of the “Harrisville Park Bowery” property.

*For Non-profit Organizations, please contact the city offices at (801) 782-4100*

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