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Reservations from April - September

$75 Rental Fee

$200 Security Deposit (check & cash deposit accepted)

1350 N Hwy 89

Harrisville, UT 84404

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Reservation Policy

Harrisville City Park Bowery Reservation Policy


The reservationist agrees to the conditions and terms and will be held responsible for any violation occurred during the reservation time.


Fees and Cancelations


________ A per-day bowery reservation fee will be charged to reserve any city park bowery for personal events; such as family gatherings or social events.


________Renters agree to pay for damages that occur to the facility and sound equipment (if used), as well as extra clean up that may be needed, in addition to the rental and deposit fee.


________A cancellation less that one (1) week before reservation will result in forfeiture of reservation fee.


________All reservations are required to be made online via the city website of https://www.cityofharrisville.com/bowery-rental for scheduling purposes.


________Fees will be assessed as follows:

  1. Bowery rental only - $75 reservation fee paid at time of reservation
  2. Bowery rental with sound system - $125 reservation fee paid at time of reservation

  3. Bowery deposit with sound system - $200 paid at time of key/sign pick up


________Deposits can be made with cash, or check. Deposit will be held and returned upon return of keys and signage. No credit card payments will be accepted for the deposit.


Park, Bowery, and Restroom Use


________The bowery is available for reservation by Harrisville residents and non-profit organizations on a first come, first serve basis.


________No reservations will be made in advance of the current calendar year, and are only available April through September of each year.


________Non-profit groups must bring in proof of non-profit status (Form 5o1C3) and will be determined eligible for reservation on an individual basis.


________The surrounding park may not be reserved, but is open for use by the public on a first-come first-serve basis.


________Rental of Park Bowery will entitle the users the use of the bowery, the restrooms and electricity. [Water access is not available at any time during reservation]






________No animals/pets are permitted on city property without leashes as per Ordinance 09.04.050.


________Groups are responsible to leave the area clean and organized.


________The restrooms MUST BE cleaned and inspected before departure. Restrooms MUST BE locked if you leave after 10:00 PM.


________All trash should be disposed of in the city trash receptacles provided onsite.


________Loud music and noise that disturbs the surrounding neighbors is prohibited above normal conversation levels as per HCMC §11.20.190


________No Moving tables without prior permission.


Key & Signs


________Groups must designate one individual to pick up a key to the restrooms and power. Please contact the city offices Monday – Thursday 8-5 or Friday 8-Noon for key and sign pick-up prior to reservation day. If reservation is made near a holiday it is the reservationists responsibility to pick up the power key during city office hours. Failure to pick up key during a holiday office closure will result in no power/signage for your reservation.


________The designated person must maintain control of the key at all times. Do not lend out the key to anyone.


________Upon locking and inspecting the restrooms after use, and if leaving after dark, the key can be dropped into the drop box located on the east aside of the City Hall’s front doors or brought in the next business day. The Sign can be put into the drop box as well or brought in the next business day immediately following the bowery use.


________Deposit on the bowery rental WILL NOT occur until the sign and key has been returned to the city office.


Lost/Stolen Property


________ Harrisville City is not responsible for any lost or damaged equipment, personal belongings/other items owned or used by the group of individuals using the bowery.


________ Items left for more than 60 days in the City Lost and Found will be utilized or discarded as deemed by City Staff.


The park will be cleaned on a periodic schedule. However, the City cannot guarantee the cleanliness of the facility at the time your reservation, due to it being a public park.


Harrisville City Office hours are Monday – Thursday 8 AM to 5 PM and Friday 8 AM to Noon excluding holidays. Please contact the city for key pick up/deposit drop-off at least a day prior to reservation date. When reservation is around a holiday, check with city for hours of availability to obtain key/signage. Failure to comply will result in reservation cost/deposit forfeiture.


Thank you for being considerate of the “Harrisville Park Bowery” property.

The bowery is ONLY available to Harrisville City residents and you must show proof of residency at the time of deposit payment. (Drivers license or utility bill with picture ID).

*For Non-profit Organizations, please contact the city offices at (801) 782-4100*