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725 West Harrisville Road
Harrisville, UT 84404

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Reservation Policy

The cabin is only available to Harrisville City residents and can only be reserved 10 weeks in advance. 

*For Non-profit Organizations, please contact the city offices at (801) 782-4100 *


The Martin Henderson Harris Bicentennial Park and Cabin is available for residents to rent. Originally built in 1976, the cabin was to be a multi-purpose and recreation building for residents. Since then it has undergone some additions and remodeling to make it more functional. It includes a kitchen facility and restrooms and has become a popular place for weddings, which can be held inside the cabin or outside in the grove of trees. It is also an ideal place for family reunions and community gatherings.

The cabin has a maximum capacity of 150 people. There are 8 round tables and 4 banquet tables and enough chairs to seat 8 at each table.


Beginning July 1, 2022 the cabin rates are as follows:

  • $150 for a meeting (no food allowed)

  • $200 for a small family group (food is allowed)

  • $650 for weddings, receptions, or open houses.

  • $750 security deposit is required for all reservation.

Harrisville City Cabin Reservation Policy


The reservationist agrees to the conditions and terms and will be held responsible for any violation occurred during the reservation time.

_________  I have provided proof that I am a Harrisville City resident who is 18 years of age or older and will be in attendance at the function I am renting the facility for.


_________  I understand I accept full responsibility and be liable for those in attendance.


_________  I understand that any violation of the polices and guidelines in this contract will result in forfeiture of the security deposit.


_________  I understand if there are any damaged to the facility, contents, park grounds, or parking area the deposit will be forfeited.






_________  I will provide my own 55-gallon trash bags to line the inside cans. All garbage will be put into plastic bags and placed in the dumpster outside of the building. There will be no garbage left on the tables, chairs, cabinets, or surrounding premises.


_________  The facility will be left clean. Floors will be vacuumed, swept, or mopped as needed. Cabinets, tables, and chairs will be wiped off, the microwave and stove wiped out, and the refrigerator emptied of food and wiped clean. The rest room floors and sinks will be left clean of garbage and debris.


_________  The facility will be used “as is” with no alterations to the equipment, building, lighting, etc. No nails or damaging adhesives are permitted.


_________  All decorations will be limited to the main room of the facility. There will be no decorations hung on the walls or ceiling of the new addition. If decorations are used all traces of the decorations must be removed from the chairs, tables, walls, and log trusses including such things as paper, pins, staples, tape, fishing line, balloons, etc.


_________  Removing furniture, appliances, supplies, etc. from the building is prohibited. All tables and chairs must be folded and put away.


_________  If the sound system is rented, I will follow the instructions carefully to prevent damage to the speakers and microphones. The volume of any music used must be kept to low levels that will not disturb the neighboring residents. If there are complaints, the music will cease immediately.


_________  I understand the bridal key must be picked up one business day before my reserved day for the cabin.


_________  All reservations will expire at 12:00 A.M. (Midnight). There will be no overnight functions.


_________  Cancellations will be accepted up to two (2) weeks prior to the reservation day. A cancellation fee will be retained by the city of $25.00. After the two (2) week deadline, the entire rental fee will be retained by the city. (No exceptions will be made.)


_________  I am responsible to furnish my own tablecloths, dishtowels, dish soap, kitchen utensils, and any cleaning supplies that may be need. A vacuum is provided.


_________  A security deposit must be left with the city before the day of the reservation. Renters will be charged for costs above and beyond the deposit for any stolen and/or damaged equipment.


_________  I understand that I am liable for any damages to the building, its facilities, its furnishings and contents, the park ground area, and the parking area. I understand that a security deposit of $750.00 will be charged after the reservation period if any damages occur. I understand that I am liable for damages over and above the $750.00 deposit as well. I understand that civil or criminal action may be taken against me for damage or criminal acts that occur on the premises.


_________  I authorize my credit card/bank account provided to be charged for the rental fee. I understand that the same credit card/bank account will be charged a $750.00 deposit if the cabin is left damaged in any form after my reservation this includes but not limited to additional cleaning such as cleaning of carpets, removal of trash inside or on the premises, etc.


_________  The security deposit will be returned/refunded within three (3) working days following the reservation day, IF the inspectors find the policies and guidelines were followed. The renter acknowledges that civil and/or criminal action may be taken against them if damage occurs to the Harrisville Martin Henderson Harris Bi-centennial Cabin and/or grounds surrounding the cabin.


_________  The day reserved is the ONLY DAY the renter/attendees may enter the facility.


_________  All non-profit organizations must bring proof of non-profit status when paying deposit and will be determined eligibility on a case-by-case basis.


_________  Times for the reservations must be determined below. There are no keys given at time of deposit. The doors are on an automatic locking program. They will only be unlocked at the times specified below. Multiple blocks of time can be used for decorating purposes.

Time #1:   _________to_________               Time #2:   _________to_________

_________  I will clean or make certain the Cleaning Checklist below is completed before leaving the cabin.

  1. Floors were vacuumed, swept, or mopped as needed.

  2. Cabinets, tables, and chairs were wiped off.

  3. Microwave and Stove were wiped out.

  4. Kitchen sinks left clean and free of debris.

  5. Refrigerator emptied of food and wiped clean.

  6. Restrooms floors and sinks were left clean.

  7. ALL garbage was removed to the outside dumpster.

  8. All windows and doors were locked/closed prior to leaving.


Harrisville City Office hours are Monday – Thursday 8 AM to 5 PM and Friday 8 AM to Noon excluding holidays. Please contact the city for key pick up/deposit drop-off at least a day prior to reservation date. When reservation is around a holiday, check with city for hours of availability to obtain bridal room key/sound system key if included in the rental. Failure to comply will result in reservation cost/deposit forfeiture.


Thank you for being considerate of the “Harrisville City Bi-Centennial Cabin” property.


In order to rent the cabin, please use the link provided above. A security deposit is required for all cash or check payments. If you have any questions, please contact the city offices at (801) 782-4100.