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The Martin Henderson Harris Bicentennial Park and Cabin is available for residents to rent. Originally built in 1976, the cabin was to be a multi-purpose and recreation building for residents. Since then it has undergone some additions and remodeling to make it more functional. It includes a kitchen facility and restrooms and has become a popular place for weddings, which can be held inside the cabin or outside in the grove of trees. It is also an ideal place for family reunions and community gatherings. The cabin has a maximum capacity of 150 people. There are 8 round tables and 4 banquet tables and enough chairs to seat 8 at each table.

The cabin is ONLY available to Harrisville City residents and can only be reserved 10 weeks in advanceAll reservations are required to be made online for scheduling purposes. Paper reservations are no longer accepted at the city offices. Reservation availability can be viewed at the reservation link below.


Beginning July 1, 2022 the cabin rates are as follows:

$150 for a meeting (no food allowed)

$200 for a small family group (food is allowed)

$650 for weddings, receptions, or open houses.

$750 security deposit is required for all reservation.


725 West Harrisville Road
Harrisville, UT 84404

The reservationist agrees to the conditions and terms during the reservation process and will be held responsible for any violation occurred as stated in the reservation policy. Failure to comply will result in reservation cost/deposit forfeiture.

Harrisville City Office hours are Monday – Thursday 8 AM to 5 PM and Friday 8 AM to Noon excluding holidays. Contact city offices if reservation is made less then one week prior to the reservation date or around a holiday to insure your reservation times are entered for the door locking system.

Thank you for being considerate of the “Harrisville City Bi-Centennial Cabin” property.

*For Non-profit Organizations, please contact the city offices at (801) 782-4100 x 1004*

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