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Harrisville General Election

Harrisville City is sending registered voters a ballot to their mailbox. Your by-mail ballot will arrive about two weeks before Election Day (Tuesday, November 5). Ballots may be returned by mail or dropped at a ballot drop box located at Harrisville City Office or at any Weber County library and Weber State University. In addition, six vote centers will be open on Election Day. Early voting will be held at the Weber County Elections Office starting Wednesday October 30, through Monday November 4. This year, "I Voted" Stickers are included with the mailed ballots for all voters. To register to vote click here.



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2019 General Election Sample Ballot

The following individuals have filed for candidacy:

City Council 2-year Term

Stephen Weiss

528 W. 2250 N.


(801) 668-5883

Jenny M. Kite

222 W. Independence Blvd


(712) 789-0214

City Council 4-year Term

Blair Christensen

2325 N. 750 W.


(801) 391-6861

Brenda Nelson

1578 N. 225 W.


(801) 791-5985

Austin Tracy Moffitt

1825 N. Highway 89


(810) 458-1211

Grover Wilhelmsen

134 E. 1400 N.


(801) 941-7995

Richard S. Hendrix

2220 N. 750 W.



Heidi Wahlen

112 Wahlen Way


(801) 917-0582

CANDIDACY (UCA 20A-9-203):

Candidates shall file a Declaration of Candidacy in person with the City Recorder at the City Offices, 363 W. Independence Blvd., Harrisville, Utah, during office hours and not later than the close of normal office hours between June 1, 2019 and June 7, 2019 (excluding Saturday and Sunday). A Nomination Petition may also be filed during the same time period. City office hours are Monday through Thursday, 8am to 5pm and Friday, 8am to 12pm. Filing fee is $25.


Candidate packets are available here or at the Harrisville City Office. 


 Primary Election to be held August 13, 2019. General Election to be held November 5, 2019.



  1. United States Citizen.

  2. Registered voter of the municipality (City of Harrisville)

  3. Resident of the municipality (City of Harrisville) or recently annexed territory for a period of 12 consecutive months immediately before the date of the election.

  4. In accordance with Utah Constitution Article IV, Section 6, any mentally incompetent person, and person convicted of a felony, or any person convicted of treason or a crime against the elective franchise may not hold office in this state until the right to hold elective office is restored.


Harrisville Municipal Election will be held vote by mail. All registered voters will receive a ballot in the mail. Ballots may be returned by mail or to any drop box location throughout Weber County including Harrisville City Offices located at 363 W. Independence Blvd. Polling locations will be available on Election Day at all Weber County Vote Centers.


In order to register in Weber County, you must contact the Office of the Weber County Clerk, 2380 Washington Blvd., Ogden, UT. Their telephone number is (801) 399-8400. Office Hours are Monday thru Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

To vote, a citizen must be a registered voter. To register to vote in Utah, you must:

  • Be a US Citizen;

  • Be a resident of Utah (primary residence) for 30 days immediately before the next election; and

  • Be at least 18 years of age on or before the next election.



During the 2009 legislative session HB126S2 made significant changes in voter identification laws. One of those changes is that valid voter identification is now required when voting at the polls on election day. Voters who do not have valid voter identification can cast a provisional ballot and then present valid voter identification to the election officer within five (5) business days after the election in order for their provisional ballot to be counted.

Valid Voter ID includes the following:

  • Currently valid Utah driver license

  • The name and address on the Utah driver license must match the name address in the registrar's voter registration book

  • Currently valid identification card that is issued by the state or branch, department, or agency of the United States

  • Currently valid Utah permit to carry a concealed weapon

  • Currently valid United States passport

  • A valid tribal identification card, whether or not the card includes a photograph of the voter.

If the voter doesn't have any of the above forms of Valid Voter ID, two forms of identification can be shown to the election judges that bear the name of the voter and provide evidence that the voter resides in the voting precinct, which may include:

  • Current utility bill dated within 90 days before the election

  • Bank or other financial account statement

  • Check issued by the state or federal government

  • Paycheck from the voter's employer

  • Currently valid Utah hunting or fishing license

  • Currently valid United States military identification card

  • Certified naturalization documentation

  • Currently valid license issued by an authorized agency of the United States

  • A certified copy of court records showing the voter's adoption or name change

  • A Bureau of Indian Affairs card

  • A tribal treaty card

  • A valid Medicaid card, Medicare card, or Electronic Benefits Transfer Card

  • A currently valid identification card issued by a local government within the State; an employer for an employee; or a college, university technical school or professional school located within the state

  • A current Utah vehicle registration

  • A form of identification that does not contain a photograph, but establishes the name of the voter and provides evidence that the voter resides in the voting precinct, if at least one other form of identification listed above is also presented.

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