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Volunteers Cleaning

City Clean-up Days

Did you know Harrisville City has two clean-up days a year?

Every year Harrisville City offers the opportunity for its residents to clean-up yards and neighborhoods throughout the city.


How does the programs work?

Two waste containers will be located at the main park located at 1350 N Hwy 89; one for garbage and one for green waste. There is a designated area for larger items to be placed. Dumpsters will be available from 6:30am – 10:00pm Monday - Thursday on the days indicated below. 

Clean-up Days for 2024

Spring Clean-up:   April 22 - 25, 2024

Fall Clean-up:   October 7 - 10, 2024

Items Allowed

Only clean green waste is accepted in the green waste containers. If your items are not free of nails, screws, staples, metals, hardware, etc. please use the garbage/debris waste containers. Please do not leave your items outside of a waste container except in designated area.

Items NOT Allowed

Please do not use the dumpsters for the following items;



Motor oil/gasoline


Automotive Products

Household cleaners

Batteries {Lead Acid}

Batteries {Rechargeable}


Propane Tanks


Kerosene Diesel Fuel

Prescription drugs  (there is a drop off box for these items at the City Offices) 

Railroad ties        


Fluorescent light bulbs   

Any other hazardous materials

If you need assistance during the clean up timeframe, please contact on-call personnel at 801-940-6716.

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