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Christmas Presents

Shop with a Hero

Each year the Harrisville City Police Department teams up with others area agencies to provide a wonderful service to many families which cannot afford to have Christmas in their homes. With this event, the Harrisville PD and other Heroes nominate one or more children from one of these families and help them with their Christmas shopping. The children are nominated by the Heroes to keep the event meaningful and unique.

This event is accomplished through donations only. There is no other resource in order to help these families and children have a wonderful unique Christmas for these Heroes to utilize. If you would like to donate to the event, donations can be taken at the Harrisville City Offices of 363 West Independence Blvd, Harrisville, via check or cash year round. All donations will be recognized through the event advertisements. Contact the city offices for more information on donation recognition and other ways to donate. The more donations we receive, the more children / families we can help.


2022 - 18 Children helped along with 9 families

2023 - 23 Children helped along with 9 families

A huge thank you to this years sponsors!

Shop with a Hero Donors Flyer 2023.jpg
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