The virtual museum includes photos of historical items which deserve to be remembered and preserved.  Harrisville citizens may submit artifacts to be included in the museum that do not necessarily have to do with the history of Harrisville.  The hope is that documenting these relics and how they were used and by whom will connect us more with our past, and give us a greater appreciation for the conveniences we have today.  


You probably have some antiques around your home reminiscent of times past when these items were a part of everyday life.  Items should be over fifty years old.  Suggested categories include: construction tools, farming, furniture, household objects, kitchen, miscellaneous, and recreation.   This is how you can participate:  

  1. Please contact a member of the Harrisville History Committee

    • Shanna Edwards - (801) 782-9480 

    • Joyce Larsson - (801) 710-2428

    • JaNeal Shaw - (801) 510-1299 

    • Joanne Christensen - (801) 721-5584

  2. We will make arrangements to come to your house, take a picture and obtain information about the artifact.

  3. You can help us by having the following information on hand when we come: 

  • Name of the item Description of how the item was used 

  • Name of the person who used the item, if it has ties to Harrisville and stories associated with it.  (It does not have to have a Harrisville tie other than being in the possession of the resident). 

  • Date when the item was in use (may be an estimate)

Harrisville History Committee